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We offer private blockchain assets management and help people manage risks

New market

Over the past 3 years, a completely new market of blockchain technology has emerged, which in 2017 grew by a outstanding 5000%. Bitcoin and other crypto assets attract people with high profitability and tempting opportunities.

Growing interest in Bitcoin in 2017 opened doors for everyone, so capitalisation of the entire market increased by huge 823 billion dollars (on Jan 7, 2018). In the current year this market will turn to the legal field, which will serve as a new impulse, both for attracting big money from institutional investors, and for further development of whole blockchain industry.

World attention is focused now on crypto-currency market, which gives not only high profits, but also high risks. Huge amount of information and the complexity of decision-making on high volatility markets require the involvement of a competent team that can respond quick to changing market situation.

Fundamental approach

Our strategy based on 3 main principles: markets technical analysisnews & media fundamental analysis and cryptocurrency community sentiment analysis.

We at Smartcoin Agency have strong believe that transparency matters, thats why we publish our monthly open reports.

Smart tech

We created own tools for world major cryptocurrency exchanges.

Our framework include automatic news & social activity monitoring, exchanges data crawling and smart alerts system.

Thanks to bigdata & content analysis we developed a forecast system that help us save (and make) money when markets have high volatility period.

High profit

Before making an investment we thoroughly research any new tech on blockchain market, this helps us find unicorns and invest only in profitable assets, keeping your money away from scam, unsuccessful and one-day projects.

The confirmed result of our team’s work is the average monthly profit of 20%. An example of the report available here.

How we grow your capital?

We generate income mainly from our trading strategy which includes trading assets on crypto-exchanges, also our tools helps us do profitable exchange arbitrage.

For those who looking for longterm investment we have custom tailored invest strategies with 6 month out plan. Thanks to our scoring system for blockchain projects we do power metrics for pre and post ICO/ITO projects, filter scam and save gems.

2 month profit

3 months after results

According to our maximum transparency rule we publish update of our activity from 6/12/2017 to 31/03/2018 here. As you can see in bear market situation after 17.12.2017 (highest high of 19.000 USD for 1 BTC) we beginning to raise BTC balance to get ready for another bull run. 

Risk management

We build monitoring tools that helps us predict future price movement and possible corrections, thanks to that we can response to market with clear plan, either sell or buy right in time to make more profit.

Our system accumulate information from different sources: orders book, markets history, funds movement between major exchanges. That’s how we see price movement patterns in time.

In the time of troubles we save our clients money buy transfer funds to USD or EUR markets thats remain stable to cryptomarkets. Next we enable our brand “waiting to the end of correction and buy the dip” strategy  and make profit from swings.

We daily monitoring media and do fact checking for all assets, this helps us close bad trades without waiting situation getting worse. Assets we invest to meticulously checking out by our stuff to get rid of junk. 

Such actions allows us save your money and help grow healthy capital.

We do not outsource technical analysis, and not connected to any pump & dump groups. We believe such groups bring only harm to whole community, there is no such benefit where one can make 1000% profit without scam. 

Technical analysis is important for any trading strategy, whole result depends on it. This why we are here to monitoring all information during a day, and make our own analytics on daily basis.

Blockchain investments is a high risk business, but if you let experts do their job this risk can be dramatically reduced.

How to start investing in blockchain?

After you decide how much you can invest (please do not invest your last money), we have 2 options to work with your capital. If sum greater than 20.000 USD you provide us API access without withdraw rights  to your wallet on popular exchange. We will help you create account if you don’t have one yet. Please be advised: for now we can’t work with sums less than 20.000 USD this way.

Secondly we do provide time limited service for those who want invest less, we can work starting from 5000 USD. Following this way you transfer money to our fund account, so your investment will be added to another people’s to work together. Thus we created one account for all our stakeholders where each get profit equal to his investment. In near future we will solve this technical problem and create our fund token powered by smartcontract that will represent your investment. 


  • Starting from 20.000 USD
  • Verified exchange account


  • Starting from 5000 USD

Here in Smartcoin Agency we have different investment strategies with flexible payments plan.

I have invested what next?

After we started you receive investor welcome letter with all the necessary information about our relationship. 

As well as access to our Telegram bot, which will provide you account balance, major crypto news, our service news and other useful information for blockchain investor. 

We create strategy based on current market situation and start managing your account.

Account status update takes place daily, you can track status with your private link if your wish.

If you have any question about market situation feel free to contact us by phone, telegram or email.

We take profit on monthly basics.

When the moment has come you transfer our fee to our account, and do what you want with your profit either keep it on account or withdraw completely.

After this we reset starting deposit and work starting over again.

Start earning money

Who we are?

We are the small team of independent developers and market experts with huge experience in media. Currently last year we started data analysis on cryptomarkets and discover great new opportunities, now we want to share this insight with you.

Product lead

Blockchain economic expert, leads this project, crafts trading strategies and do PR things.

Data scientist

Engaged in platform development, data science & machine learning magic.

Python developer

Platform developer and architect.

Trader crypto expert

Maintain trading strategies,
ICO & crypto researcher.

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